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Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-571-1969.

Name Grade/Position Phone Extension
Mrs. Ana Smith Principal 55451 
Mrs. Stefania Accardi Vice Principal 55452
Mrs. J. Del Gatto Administrative Assistant 55450
Mrs. E. Giroux Kindergaten Teacher ECE 42004
Mrs. E. Boylan Kindergaten Teacher ECE 40004
Mrs. K. Hardy Kindergarten Teacher ECE 40010
Mrs. L. Reed Kindergarten Teacher ECE 40014
Mrs. A. Savoie Kindergarten Teacher ECE 40005
Mrs. A. Kupnicki Kindergarten Teacher ECE 42142
Mrs. T. McCamus Kindergarten Teacher ECE 40903
Mrs. Z. Kowal Kindergarten Teacher ECE 40895
Mrs. E. Chilvers Kindergarten Teacher ECE 41080
Mr. D. Adams Kindergarten Teacher ECE 40782
Mr. R. Melosso Grade 1 ( French Immersion) 40019
Mrs. P. Meiss Grade 1 (French Immersion) 41243
Mrs.E. Griffin

Grade 1/2 (French Immersion)


Mrs. N. Gouin Grade 2 (French Immersion) 40928
Mrs. L Leveque Grade 3 (French Immersion 40074
Mr. M. Daviidson Grade 2/3 (French Immersion) 42139
Mrs. L Shaw Grade 4 (French Immersion) 40015
Mrs. A. Taylor Grade 4 ( French Immerison) 40000
Mrs. N. MacNeil Grade 1 40018
Mrs. J. Lace Grade 1/2 40119
Mrs. J. Ryan Grade 2/3  
Mr. J. Shaw Grade 3 40007
Mrs. N. Cooper Grade 4 40017
Mr. A. Mamajek Grade 4/5 40024
Mr. J. Ancevius

Grade 5/6


Mrs. L. MacKinnon Grade 6

Mrs. K. Pomeroy Grade 7/8 42144
Mrs. M. Parro Grade 7/8 40026

Mrs. J. Martino



Mrs. B. MacLean Teacher/Librarian 55455

Mrs. MA Thomas

Program Support 55457
Mrs. A. Giurdanella Program Support 40232
Mrs. M Beachamp (Educational Assistant Program Support 41217
Ms. L. Johnson (Educational Assistant) Program Support 41054
Mrs. A MacDonald (Educational Assistant) Program Support 42000
Mrs. A. Dobson (Educational Assistant) Program Support 41595
Mr. D. Pauric (Educational Assistant) Program Support 42266
Mrs. K. Cannon Program Support 41863
Mme. C. Lescisin FSL 41056
Mrs. D. Bruno CCT Primary 40001
MRs. K. Peters CCT Intermediate 40210
Ms. K. Martens Custodians 55458
Mr. P. Ormiston Custodians  

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